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Lunch & Learn: Compliance and Cybersecurity for Financial Institutions

When it comes to cybersecurity, banking is one of the most highly-regulated industries, with multiple checks and failsafe steps put in place to ensure the highest possible level of protection. And while industry as well as government regulations include extensive, rigorous assessments, compliance alone does not suffice. Financial institutions simply must take the extra steps beyond compliance to ensure that their network and clients’ information are protected from cyber threats. On February 22nd, Network Box USA and ReliableIT hosted a Lunch & Learn for financial institutions at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Houston. This casual gathering was aimed at discussing compliance and cybersecurity. Attendees enjoyed a family-style Italian meal, as Nikki Almazan, Banking Compliance Expert from ReliableIT, talked at length about the threat landscape for banks and credit unions.  She also touched on CAT, the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool, put forth by the FFIEC. After the presentation, Pierluigi Stella, CTO of Network Box USA, opened the floor for a roundtable discussion that included hot topics such as ransomware and web application security. He also, of course, circled …

On The Apple App Store Hack

The Apple story is indeed surprising in 2 different ways. First, the hackers changed the libraries for Apple API in such a way that wasn’t possible to distinguish them from the original ones. Then Apple had to miss that these apps were delivering malware, which is unusual given the very strict procedures they undergo before an app is admitted to their store.