Credit Unions, Denial of Service (DoS)
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DDoS attacks on smaller credit unions

CU Insight

written by Pierluigi Stella

When it comes to specific DDos Attacks and whether they cause any implications for smaller FIs, the jury is still out.  However, it would appear that there are some megalomaniacs out there, in search of notoriety, and taking credit for things they didn’t even do.  Attacking a small credit union no one has heard of won’t get them in the major newspapers, so it’s highly unlikely they’ll do it; the only reason why they ever might would be to test some technique before unleashing it against bigger targets.  But that too is unlikely.

Nevertheless, DDoS seems to be all the rage of late, so it’s better to be prepared; because if it isn’t the ECA attacking you, it might be some bored hacker from half way across the world.  Whomever it is, you’re still at risk. (Read more)

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