Credit Unions, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

What Your Credit Union Can Do Against DDoS Attacks

CU Insight

written by Pierluigi Stella

As it was at the end of the year wherein we were asked to make forecasts, so too was the scenario at the beginning of a new year, with the difference being the question uppermost in people’s minds was, “where should I spend my money this year?”.

Note that the two aren’t necessarily unrelated; there’s a certain level of correlation, of course, between knowing what to expect and knowing where to spend the money.  So, going back to our ‘predictions’, if we’re to expect more DDoS attacks (as I write this, I just learned that another large company was under attack and, consequently, one of my customers had to delay some major changes in their network), we need to start considering that these attacks will not always target large companies.(Read more)