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Resolving Nested ‘.bin’ Blocks

Having ‘.bin’ block issues? You’re not alone. Microsoft’s document format (with extensions like ‘.xlsx,’ ‘.docx’, and more) is basically a ZIP file format and differentiating between the two is challenging. And Microsoft Office 2007 programs also have a propensity for writing printer setting files, Macros and other objects with the ‘.bin’ extension.

If you’ve elected to block nested (within archives) ‘.bin’ files, these Office 2007 documents may then be blocked per your company’s policy.

So, what do you do? Network Box has a number of recommendations:

– For customers not requiring executable attachment blocks, turn them off or at least remove ‘.bin’ from your list of extensions to be blocked for nested attachments.

– If you do require these, then implement a multi-defense approach – block known executable file extensions (but not ‘.bin’), and also block by content analysis (e.g., Microsoft executable content).

These approaches should improve your company’s overall security and avoid unintended blocks of nested ‘bin’ files.

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